Production of Sparkling Wine   

After a bountiful harvest in 2019, the Wine Estate looks forward to another fruitful year in 2020.  With the expansion of the Estate’s wine-making facilities by 8000 sq ft nearly completed, we look forward to being able to accommodate the increase in our sparkling wine production, giving space for more oak barrels used in this process.   

As well as the increase in production of our sparkling wine, we have recently released two new wines to our range of ward-winning wines.  Both still, dry white wines, Solaris 2018 and Bacchus 2018, can now be found adorning the Wine Loft shelves alongside, to name but a few, the new 2018 vintage of our very popular Red Sparkling Wine and our 2018 vintage Late Harvest Dessert Wine (now postponed until the New Year).

2020 is going to be an exciting one for us all here at Halfpenny Green Wine Estate!