WILD zoological park

Situated on site at Halfpenny Green Wine Estate, WILD Zoological Park is home to a huge range of animals, providing an educational and entertaining experience for the whole family.

See below for more information, or head to www.wildzoo.co.uk

Our Mission

“We aim to deliver a once in a lifetime, memorable, hands on experience to educate guests about animals.”

Our Vision

“To teach, educate and conserve wildlife”

The WILD Way

WILD Zoological Park was born out of a dream to educate the public about different animals, poke holes in common misconceptions and to remove stigmas commonly associated with animals that aren’t so cute and fluffy.

The animals and staff at WILD Zoological Park are here to conserve wildlife and teach the general public about all forms of wildlife, with the hope that through teaching and deeper understanding, there will be a stronger drive to help us conserve the World’s wildlife.

At WILD we aim to:

Provide a safe and educational environment where members of the general public can learn more about all forms of wildlife.

Contribute conserving Wildlife through breeding programmes and the care of critically endangered animals

Remove stigmas and common misconceptions about misunderstood creatures

…Thus making WILD an enjoyable and memorable place to visit.

Last admission: 1 hour prior to posted closing time.

Spring and Summer: 

Monday – Friday 11am – 4.00pm

Saturday – Sunday 11am – 5.00pm

School and Bank Holidays – 11am – 5.00pm

Winter: (until February half term)

Please visit WILD Zoological Park online for a full list of Winter opening hours.